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Easyhowz is registered under Easyhowz Technology and Services, It is a system designed to make renting and buying of properties easier and faster for everyone in Rivers State.
As an agent or landlord/landowner/realtor we help you sell or rent out your properties with ease. We give your property an edge with over millions of users on our space.
For enquiries you can visit us @ 195 Ada-Goerge road before Akania Port Harcourt Or call our customer care 09163930457

From Agent, Easyhowz Technology and Services gets 20% off the percentage of the agent,
From Landlord or Landowner, Easyhowz Technology and Services gets 5% from price of property.
Registration is free!

You can sign up and register as an agent, landlord or landowner, after approval you can upload your properties which is still subject to approval/inspection.

Approval is within 24hours of registration. Immediately after approval you will receive a notification to upload your properties.

Houses uploaded are subject to physical inspection before they can be displayed on Easyhowz

Lands uploads will be contacted for inspection of documents.

3 or more images can be uploaded. Only clear, clean images of various angles of properties. For realtors, fliers with multiple images are not allowed. Images of land should be clear and watermark of real estate companies can still be on image.
Property upload are strictly on first come first serve. There shall be no duplicates or double entry of images or properties from different agents.
Our operation is simple and clear. The main address of property is not fully disclosed on Easyhowz. The meeting location is a known location close to the main location of the property where agents meet up with users for inspection. When a user books a property for inspection, the agent for that property will be contacted to meet with the user and Easyhowz agent at the meeting location. If the time for inspection is not convenient for agent or landlord, it will be rescheduled. Agents are required to be available on the days of inspection. If out of town, it should be communicated to Easyhowz to reschedule meetup time with users.
Agents/landlords are allowed to sell/rent properties to external parties (users not from Easyhowz). Where any property is sold, unavailable or given out to external parties, Easyhowz should be contacted immediately. There will be a checkup on weekly/monthly bases for properties no longer available.
You can make extra income by becoming our agent. You scout and register properties and get 40% off our percentage from sale or rent of that property and cumulative 1k for every property you register per month.


Easyhowz is only for properties within Portharcourt, Rivers State for now.

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